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Jigsaw Potters Bar DRAMA Teacher – Spotlight on Olu!

Jigsaw Potters Bar Drama teacher Olu is a committed member of staff at our weekend schools, and loves getting involved with all the external events that we do too!


Meet Olu (right). The drama teacher at Jigsaw Potters Bar and a Performing Arts Assistant at Jigsaw Barnet!

I hope I inspire my students to be creative and confident in everything they do! Teaching allows me to share all the things I’ve learnt and love about drama to other students. I love seeing students have fun in my drama lessons and I love being able to create performances with young people who are also passionate about performing arts. I help build confidence in a similar way that helped me and that’s to take small steps! Jigsaw is for everyone! It provides a place for students of all abilities to have fun, practice skills in the performing arts and make friends!

Find out more about Olu…

What is your favourite subject – singing/dance/drama?

I love all three, but drama is just slightly my favourite!

What is your favourite Musical and why?

My favourite musical is Hadestown! I love the music and it tells the story in such a great way!

Any advice for someone unsure to sign up to Jigsaw?

Just give it a try! Jigsaw has a place for everyone and I’m confident they’ll find similar people who want to perform and have fun, so they’ll be sure to make good friends!