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Jigsaw Students take to the stage in Sevenoaks Pantomime

Last month was an exciting time for two talented students from Jigsaw Sevenoaks! Not only did Hope and Georgia have the Jigsaw Spring term to look forwards to, but they were also preparing to tread the boards in their local pantomime, a production of Sleeping Beauty. Following the show’s success, we caught up with the girls to find out how they enjoyed the experience and we also heard from their Mums as well!

At Jigsaw Sevenoaks, what’s your favourite subject?

Hope:  I love all the subjects! I couldn’t choose between them. They are all different ways of expressing your feelings.

Georgia: My favourite subject is drama as I love performing.

Congratulations on your role in Sleeping Beauty! Please could you tell us a little bit more about your role and how you got involved in the show?

Hope: I started dancing when I was 2 and I was in my first pantomime when I was 5 as a baby dancer. This is my 4th pantomime, now I am 8, it is even better as we are involved and on stage even more. We had to audition in September with lots of people which I was a bit nervous about, but we got in!

Georgia: I was a village person and I had to sing and dance. I auditioned for The Wizard of Oz last year and loved it, so I auditioned for this one and got a part. There were 60 kids auditioning and I was one of 30 chosen.

That sounds amazing! Did you have to go to rehearsals? What was that like?

Hope: Yes, we have been rehearsing every week since October, which is tiring but great fun. It was tricky learning all of the songs and dances, but I really enjoyed it and it was more and more exciting the closer it got to Show week at the end of January.

Georgia: Yes, rehearsals were every Sunday for 2 hrs. It was fun and lots of concentrating and hard work.

Would you recommend the experience?

Georgia: Absolutely!

Hope: Yes! If you love performing, it is great fun and I have made lots of friends.

Well, it’s great to hear how much both Hope and Georgia have enjoyed the experience! But what did their Mums think about all of this?

Kay: Hope has always loved performing and she is so happy when she is practising, rehearsing and on stage. It is great for confidence, discipline, exercise and making friends. Performing arts is a great activity for children as it covers so many different things. It is open to everyone and everyone can benefit from the freedom of expression, confidence and communication skills which will be of great value in later life in whatever they decide to do.

Jackie: It’s a big plus – it really brings out the best in your child and the progress I have seen is amazing! Georgia has grown in confidence, really enjoys performing.

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