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Show term at Jigsaw Balham!

Here at Jigsaw Performing Arts, we run three different types of terms across the year: Technique, Presentation and Show term.  

This autumn, Jigsaw Balham is on Show term. So, Manager Emily thought to take the time to explain exactly what that means!

What is a Show term?

Show term gives our children the opportunity to build their confidence on stage and perform in front of an invited audience at the end of the term. Incorporating dancing, singing and drama, the teachers work together to put on a fabulous show, which gives every child the chance to perform. 

Do the children get given roles or scripts?

At Jigsaw, we believe that all children should have a chance to shine and therefore we share the parts out equally across the children. The older the children get, the more responsibility they get within a show, but we do our best to keep it fair and equal, so they all get to be superstars!

What if my child gets stage fright?

That’s okay! We work with all our children to help them feel happy and confident both off stage and on. We value the process of creating the show over the final product, ensuring the children have lots of fun in the weeks leading up to the final performance. We are always so proud of each individual and support them all to take part in a way which is right for them. 

Do the children get to wear costumes?

Yes! They can also have their hair done, makeup done and get to perform in front of a wonderful set. Our main school children get to perform in the school’s theatre, complete with fancy lighting. 

When and where do you perform the shows?

Our shows are spread over three weeks, with our little 3 and 4 year olds going first, followed by our 5 and 6 year olds the following week, then our main school students (7-18 year olds) performing in the final week of term. The shows are performed on the school site we use every weekend, within the usual time frame. 

How long are the shows? 

Our Little Ones shows are approximately 20-30 minutes long, whilst our main school show for our 7-18 year olds are around an hour long. 

What shows are you doing this year?

Oooo, sorry… we can’t tell you that just yet! 🙂

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