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Jigsaw Stevenage is a place to belong!

Franchisee Shannen became the owner and manager of Jigsaw Performing Arts School Stevenage in January 2021. Welcoming students from ages 3 – 18 to come and find their ‘Place To Belong’.

The initial goal behind opening the school was to pass on the joy of the performing arts, every student can benefit in some way from singing, drama and dance classes. While some students join Jigsaw to help build skills for a career in the industry, others do so to gain confidence, meet new friends or build their social skills. Our creative environment is the perfect place to explore the arts while having lots of fun!

Shannen’s vision when taking over the school as the manager was to create a welcoming, fun and nurturing environment for all students, families and staff – a true Place to Belong!

We asked Shannen why creating ‘A Place to Belong’ is so important to her!

“At Jigsaw Stevenage, our aim is to build confidence, to create a really caring and nurturing environment for all of the children and, of course, to have lots of fun! It’s so important that every student feels they can express themselves and grow creatively within our safe space. 

I first started at Jigsaw 8 years ago as a Dance and Performing Arts teacher and then moved on to become a manager at two Jigsaw schools. I have always felt so welcomed and comfortable at every school, Jigsaw has this wonderful way of making you feel at home. It has always been a place to help bring out the best in every child and have fun!

I hope that myself and our fantastic teachers will inspire all of our students to dream big, be confident in their choices in life and to embrace and celebrate their creative talents.” – Shannen, Jigsaw Stevenage

Why don’t you come along to our two-week trial and see if you fit into our puzzle too?!

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