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Spotlight on Jigsaw Crouch End student Nia who landed a role in the Macbeth Feature Film!


Nia is one of our very talented students who attends Crouch End Jigsaw on Saturday mornings. She was lucky enough to land her first role in a feature film ‘Macbeth‘ just weeks after joining the Jigsaw agency! With an upcoming West End audition in the pipeline, it is safe to say that Nia is one to watch! We thought we would share with you her Jigsaw experience so far and get a glimpse into her filming experience…

Name: Nia Omorogie

Age: 7

Where are you from? I was born in North London with a Nigerian and Jamaican background.

What Jigsaw school do you go to? Crouch End.

When did you start at Jigsaw? September 2012.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?  I have 1 sister, she doesn’t come to Jigsaw but my cousins Kiziah and Kali are in my class at Jigsaw.

Why did you decide to come to Jigsaw? My mum and Aunty thought it would be good for me as I like to dance and perform.

What’s you favourite subject at Jigsaw? I like singing because my singing teacher Jamie is kind.

What’s the best thing about Jigsaw? The best thing about Jigsaw is the performances that we do at the end of term.

What’s your ambition for the future? I want to be a star.

Who inspires you?  Mark Rowley.

What has been your favourite moment at Jigsaw?  When we performed the High Way Rat Show.

Who is your favourite actor/actress?  Why? Mark Rowely, he played Macbeth. He was very fun to work with.

Do you have a favourite song? ‘Never Forget’ – Take That.


What have you been filming for? The feature film Macbeth.

Where did you film? In York.

What was your favourite part of the filming process? Saying my lines to the camera and rehearsals.

What advice would you give to other children going to auditions? If you get scared when you are doing your lines, just stop and breathe deeply, and you will be OK.

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