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Jigsaw Student to Franchisee – Aoife’s Journey!

We are delighted to welcome Aoife to our franchise family in September! We asked Aoife about her Jigsaw Journey from student to franchisee, and why she decided to step into the world of franchising…

Why Jigsaw?

Jigsaw has always been a huge part of my life! I attended Jigsaw’s Weekend Classes and Holiday Workshops in North London as a student for 10 years. Then joined the Youth Theatre for another 2 years.

It was always the place where I could truly be myself. There was never any judgement or limits on creativity, and I always felt included. I made strong friendships with the other students in my class and I think this was because we could all be wonderfully creative and expressive in our own way and there were no pressures to ‘fit in’ like there was at school. After all the years, I am still close with the friends that I met at Jigsaw. It really does feel like a family. 

I am so thankful to those at Jigsaw that supported me and helped me build my confidence over the years. Some of my most favourite, unforgettable, memories were created at Jigsaw.

Aoife as a Jigsaw student, and part of our Jigsaw Arts Agency!


When did you decide to franchise a school?

After teaching at Jigsaw for over 5 years, and working in the Jigsaw Arts Head Office, I was ready to take the next step.

Through working in the Head Office, I learnt about the franchising opportunities at Jigsaw Arts. And lots about the benefits that can come from franchising a business rather than starting a business alone.

I wanted the freedom of choosing my own hours while working in a profession that I really cared about. So running a franchise of a Jigsaw Performing Arts School seemed like the perfect option for me, and it was!

Why franchise rather than start a business on your own?

I adore working with children, managing a team and being in the creative industry however I am not very business minded. So having my franchisor Nicola teach me the best ways to tackle all sides of the business is invaluable.

The training and support that I received from my franchisor prepared me to confidently run my business. I know that should I ever need advice, there is always someone on the other side of the phone to help.

My franchise fits in perfectly with my existing life. I can carry out the admin work during one / a few days out of the week remotely. Then, only working at the school for 33 days out of the year gives me freedom to travel, work on other projects and spend time with my family.

Are you excited to get started in September?

I am so excited to begin my journey at Jigsaw Brockley and expand the school, giving the students the same opportunities that I was so lucky to have. Grateful to have landed in the amazing hands of the Jigsaw Family! And for the continued support and opportunities that I have received. 

During the week, I still look forward to making short films and documentaries, and continuing to work in the Jigsaw Head Office. Jigsaw holds a very special place in my heart and I can’t wait to give my all to the students and team at Jigsaw Brockley.