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Jigsaw’s Autumn Term Is Here!

Welcome Back To Jigsaw Chelmsford!


Jigsaw’s Autumn Term Is Here! We spoke to Jigsaw Chelmsford’s fabulous teacher Rosie at the start of our Autumn Term to learn more about what to expect from the weeks ahead.


Rosie runs the 5-6yrs class on Saturday Mornings at the Moulsham High School in Chelmsford. Rosie is a teacher with a background in Performing Arts and she enjoys helping children to find their voice and encouraging each child to develop their unique performing style!


 “I am delighted to be back after the summer holidays and I enjoyed helping my classes settle into their first session of the term with energetic dances, enthusiastic parachute games and even livelier vocal warm-ups – phew!”


We expect Jigsaw’s Autumn Term to be lots of fun, what else is happening at Jigsaw Chelmsford this term?


“Over the next few weeks we have a lot to look forward to as we build towards our end of term performances. During rehearsals, we will experiment with colourful ribbons to create rhythmic patterns and shapes in time to music. I love to see the children’s enjoyment as they leap, swish and swirl, painting rainbows in the air.”



Jigsaw Chelmsford Student.


“I often consider the creativity of Jigsaw’s sessions similar to that of artists in their studios. Each session is a blank canvas onto which the children project their individual ideas, colours and vibrancy. Every contribution is valid and the result is a wonderful weekly display of talent and enthusiasm that builds lasting confidence and self-esteem in the children. My role is simple: encourage the ideas, shape the suggestions and mould them into masterpieces!” 


 “It has been a real pleasure to work at Jigsaw for the past three years and I am looking forward to this term and beyond.

See you on Saturday! 

Rosie x”


Jigsaw Chelmsford runs on Saturday Mornings at Moulsham High School. Get in touch to secure your place with Abbie or contact us to learn more about our two-week trial.

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