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Lee Pratt’s Half-Term Workshop at Jigsaw Barnet

Megan, Owner and Manager of Jigsaw Barnet, shares the events of the Half-Term Workshop!

In the October Half-term, Jigsaw Barnet hosted a ‘Thriller Workshop’ for their students. The day was jam packed with fun Drama, Singing, Dance activities, material learning, a SFX workshop, and a performance to friends and family!

Lee Pratt, professional dancer and performer, visited Jigsaw Barnet to lead the Drama, Singing and Dance workshops. And what a brilliant experience it was for the students! After the students performed the newly learnt ‘Thriller’ themed material to their friends and family, Lee Pratt kindly hosted a personal Q & A with the students. A very special experience and our students gained so much. It was really insightful for them to hear from a professional who started with dance as a hobby, just like them.

Lee spoke to the students about how he got into the performing arts industry, and shared the route that he took. Lee also shared valuable advice on how our students could do the same, and how to deal with the stress and worries that may appear along the journey. The students left the workshop feeling so positive. They actually asked him not to leave!

Some of our students at Jigsaw Barnet are in the years of considering their chosen GCSE’s and the next steps to take once they leave school. Lee explained that it was only in college that he really found this passion for dance. A similar age to some of our students at Jigsaw Barnet. He proved that consistency and passion can lead you to where you need to be!

The Q & A was a brilliant opportunity to teach our students a realistic yet encouraging life lesson. Yes the performing industry is made up of lots of fabulous people, but you do have to have the right mindset, work ethic, and dedication to succeed.


The main theme that the students took from the day was to dream big but also keep your head down!

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