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Meet Abbie – 3-6 years teacher at Jigsaw Hitchin!

Meet Abbie, the vibrant soul fuelling our 3-6s at Jigsaw Performing Arts Hitchin!


Abbie teaches the 3-6 years students on Sunday Mornings at Hitchin Girls School, SG4 9RS!

From a young age, Abbie’s world revolved around the dazzling lights of the stage, the infectious beat of music, and the joy of dance. With countless stage shows, dance-offs, and even a sprinkle of TV appearances under her belt, she’s no stranger to the spotlight!

Abbie’s journey isn’t just about her own spotlight moments; it’s about sharing her love for dance with the next generation. Imagine this: Abbie, barely a teen, already sharing her passion for dance by teaching! Fast forward a bit, and she’s armed with a Diploma in Dance Education and two years of intense training at Emil Dale Academy. Now, she’s not just a dance enthusiast; she’s a dance addict ready to ignite the stage with her students.

Now, here’s where it gets even more exciting, when Abbie isn’t busy crafting dance routines or perfecting her own moves, she’s a superhero of sorts – a qualified childminder, who even looks after Jigsaw Hitchin’s manager Shaun’s young daughter. By day, she’s nurturing little minds, ensuring they’re fed, happy, and having a blast. And when the sun sets, she swaps her childminder cape for her dance shoes, ready to lead her troupe of aspiring dancers into the magical world of rhythm and movement.

But wait, there’s more! Abbie’s mission isn’t just about dance steps and routines; it’s about creating a space where every child feels like a superstar. She believes in the power of positivity and fun, making sure each class is not just a lesson but an adventure filled with laughter, growth, and a whole lot of funky dance moves!

So, if you ever find yourself at Jigsaw Hitchin, keep an eye out for Abbie – the dynamo with a heart as big as her love for dance and all things performing. With her infectious energy and dedication to making every moment count, she’s not just teaching dance; she’s spreading joy, one dance step at a time!

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