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A hairbrush in hand….pretending to be a superstar… Meet Megan!

Jigsaw Ilford manager Megan

Megan is the new owner of Jigsaw Performing Arts School in Ilford. She is buzzing with energy and excitement and ready to bring lots of fun to the performing arts classes in Ilford on Saturday afternoons. We wanted to find out what sparked her interest in performing arts and her journey so far….


“I always wanted to perform”

As a young girl I always wanted to perform and be the centre of attention.  At a young age my parents would often find me with a hairbrush in hand, a costume and sunglasses on dancing around my bedroom pretending to be a superstar.  It was from this that my parents could see I clearly had a love for the performing arts so signed me up to classes in all disciplines. My love for the performing arts grew from there and after my completing my GCSEs I made the decision that I wanted to do a BTEC in performing arts and then go on to one of the top drama schools in London to study to be an actress.

It wasn’t until I had completed my degree that I decided that I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted to teach young people my subject that I am so passionate about.  It was a hard choice but I decided to be a secondary school teacher specialising in Drama.

I wouldn’t say that drama is my favourite out of the three disciplines, I love them all equally like they are my own children!  After a couple of years teaching full time in education, I wanted to get back to where my teaching career started, in performing arts weekend schools.


The steps to owning my own school.

It was from this that I found the wonder that is Jigsaw Arts.  I saw an advert on their website for a weekend performing arts teacher and was lucky enough to be asked for an interview.  Here I met Nicola and it was from that moment that I knew that at some point in my future I would own my very own Jigsaw Arts school – and here I am! Although I never imagined that I would be taking on a school during a worldwide pandemic.

To now be owning my own Jigsaw Arts school feels strange. I think it’s still settling in that I am actually the owner of the school and I’m not employed to run it. I’m so excited for the Autumn Term to start and I cannot wait to welcome everyone back to Jigsaw Ilford. I have big plans for my Jigsaw journey and I hope that one day I will own my own Jigsaw Empire! Watch this space!


So, what will I bring to Jigsaw Arts Ilford?

Well, I’ll bring my energetic enthusiasm for the performing arts, my love of the theatre and my bubbly and friendly personality. I’ll also be bringing an amazing team of teachers with me. I want to build the students’ confidence and just see them enjoying the arts and having the best time. I hope that my team and I will inspire our young people to be confident and use their imaginations and creativity in all walks of life.


If you’d like to join Megan for some inspiring performing arts classes, you can contact her on 020 3733 2314 or email ilford@jigsaw-arts.co.ukJigsaw Ilford takes place at The Ursuline Academy on Saturday afternoons and the new term starts on 26th September.