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Meet Rachel, the Manager and Franchisee of Jigsaw Harlow

Performing Arts manager Jigsaw Harlow

Famous for its major collection of public sculptures the town of Harlow, West Essex has a thriving arts community and history. But with Jigsaw Harlow soon to open its doors for the very first time in January 2019, its new students will be doing anything but standing around!

Offering dance, singing and drama classes on Sunday mornings for children aged 3-18, the school’s manager and franchisee Rachel is excited to be putting Harlow on the Jigsaw map.

With the dawn of the New Year fast approaching, we discuss her inspiration and the important role the performing arts plays in building confidence and creating a place to belong.

What sparked your interest in the Performing Arts?

When I was little, I absolutely loved pop bands and had such an interest in music, but I was quite a shy child. I remember being taken to my first West End show and from that moment on I wanted to perform. I started taking part in shows at school, started singing lessons and joined a youth theatre which was an invaluable time in my childhood as it gave me some fantastic opportunities and really built up my confidence, leading me to train and work professionally in the performing arts industry.

What was it that drew you to Jigsaw?

When I discovered Jigsaw, I was working as a performer and I wanted to do something more meaningful with my time. As soon as I came out of my Jigsaw interview, I knew I needed to get the job. Jigsaw’s main aim is to ensure that all children find a place to belong and be creative and that I believe is so important, particularly with performing arts being reduced in the school environment. Five years on and I’m realising my dream of opening my own performing arts school with Jigsaw. I wouldn’t dream of doing this with anyone else!

Singing, Dancing or Drama? Which is your favourite?

That is a tough question as I have taught all three for Jigsaw over the last 5 years! I think I would have to say singing as I think there is no better feeling than creating an amazing sound in a group!

What will your Jigsaw school bring to your area?

Jigsaw Harlow is going to bring creativity, lots of spark, a place to make friends and build confidence and somewhere to unleash imagination!

What do you hope to inspire in the young people who will attend your school?

I hope that the students that attend Jigsaw Harlow feel inspired to grow in confidence and to use their imagination and creativity. My aim is for the students of Jigsaw Harlow to grow up with the same happy memories of taking part in performing arts as I have!

Jigsaw Harlow opens for the Spring term on the 27th of January 2019 offering dance, singing and drama classes for children aged 3-18. To book your child’s place or to make an enquiry you can call Rachel on 01279 293 088 or email harlow@jigsaw-arts.co.uk. Read more about Jigsaw Harlow here. 

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