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My Experiences at Jigsaw and My Story So Far

Teaching at Jigsaw Arts

As a loud, outgoing three year old who loved putting on shows for my parents, it was no surprise that performing arts was the first thing I got into.  Now almost 13 years later, Jigsaw is still my favourite hobby. This is my Jigsaw story.

My Jigsaw Story: Where it all began

When I was three, my Mum decided for me to attend Jigsaw Camden. I attended the 3-4’s class then the 5-6’s class. I loved going every Saturday because I made close friends with lots of different people. I am still in contact with some of them now.

Main School

Once I was seven,  I went into the main school. I’ve had a variety of different teachers and managers at the main school. The most memorable dance teacher was Lee. When Lee first taught at Jigsaw Camden he came in bright purple jeans and had long black curly hair. He was very funny and I enjoyed every minute of his dance classes. He was insistent that by the end of the term my entire class would be able to do the splits, although we never managed to do them.

I was not as confident in singing as I was in dance and drama, but I had so much fun in my singing classes. My favourite singing teacher, Jenny, taught me for over five years. As a result of having Jenny as my teacher, my confidence in singing grew and every lesson made me laugh. I’ve also had a lot of different Jigsaw Camden managers. My first ever manager was called Donna, my last Jigsaw manager was Tahra. With Tahra as the manager, the final show I performed at Jigsaw Camden was called “On Broadway”.  I played a modern Darth Vader and did my entire scene on my stomach – it certainly threw me out of my comfort zone and I had a great experience doing it.

Attending Youth Theatre

I started attending Jigsaw Youth Theatre last September; it grants me more independence than the weekend school. I’ve made some new friends at Youth Theatre and some of my old friends from Jigsaw Camden also attend the Youth Theatre. I think that the youth theatre is more fun than the weekend school because everyone is my age or older and we all have similar interests. We all get on extremely well and we look forward to seeing each other every Thursday. The teacher, Andy is hilarious and never fails to make the class laugh each week. I’m looking forward to our upcoming show next term.

My Jigsaw Story: What the future holds

As you can see, I’ve had a fantastic time at Jigsaw. Jigsaw has made me love performing which has lead to me taking Drama next year for A level. However, in the future I hope to do something with languages. Jigsaw has also helped my confidence grow which will be beneficial later in life.

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