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My First Term as a Jigsaw Teacher

Weekend classes for children in North London

Office Assistant by day and child’s climbing frame by weekend, working within the schools has been a high point of my time at Jigsaw Arts. Each weekend my alarm goes off at 7.00am and ready to bring the energy and enthusiasm it takes to be a Jigsaw teacher, I leave the house by 8.30am with a trusty chocolate croissant in hand.

I currently assist both 3-4 year old classes at Jigsaw Enfield working with two different teachers: Kitty and Nicola. These ladies are fantastic and know exactly how to get the children going. As last term was technique term, we would launch into a variety of drama games to get the children’s imaginations going, one of my favourites being musical emotions; I love seeing the children really working hard to be the best they can. Dance would be next so we learn the importance of warming up our bodies and we learn different dances week by week. We would then finish the session with a good old sing song varying from songs such as I Just Can’t Wait to be King to Fireflies.

Building confidence and having fun in Winchmore Hill

After a speedy lunch, Kitty, Jigsaw manager Jo and I move on to Winchmore Hill to do it all again. In the last few weeks of term I had the pleasure of taking over from Chloe as teacher in the Winchmore Hill 3-4 class. My first session without Chloe was show week so it was safe to say I was a little bit nervous. I soon realised that I needn’t be as the children were brilliant! It can often a be a little overwhelming for the children when their parents come to see a show, as suddenly parents have come into the children’s own space… especially when this is the first time they are performing at Jigsaw. Soon the atmosphere relaxes and children remember that they are there to have fun and show off all their new skills!

So, after several weekends full of songs about frogs, journeys to space and a few snotty tears, my first term of teaching and assisting at Jigsaw Enfield and Winchmore Hill is over and I live to tell the tale. Now the Easter holidays are here I feel that I speak for all Jigsaw teachers when I say it’s time to have a well-earned break… but spaces in our weekend performing arts schools for children are filling up quickly and I’m sure this will continue as we go into the Summer Term.

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