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New Managers at Jigsaw St Albans!

Congratulations to new Managers of Jigsaw St.Albans performing arts school Natalie and Tanya for a great start to the Summer Term 2024!

“It’s been lovely to meet all the families and students at Jigsaw St. Albans, and we have welcomed lots of new children to our classes too. I am looking forward to seeing our Jigsaw family grow and new friendships form! And being involved in planning the presentations and shows over the next year.”

– Tanya, Jigsaw St.Albans

Natalie and Tash, new Managers at Jigsaw St.Albans, hope to inspire confident, creative thinkers to see their own individual uniqueness as their superpower!

There are three terms in a Jigsaw year!

  • Technique Term
  • Presentation Term
  • Show Term

Technique Term offers the chance to learn new skills and explore different styles in dance, drama and singing. Activities are suited to the students age and classes can include…

Dance – Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop.

Drama – Improvisation, Script work, Poetry, Physical Theatre, Character development, Shakespeare, Comedy, Melodrama.

Singing – Pitch and Tone, Breathing, Solos, Harmonies, Acting through song.

Presentation Term invites family and friends to an open class demonstration at the end of the term, in the style of a Presentation. Showing some of the warm ups, and activities that the students learn in a Jigsaw class along with performance pieces in each drama, dance and singing. 

Show Term is an exciting opportunity for the students to collectively perform on stage with costume, props and lights, to an audience of friends and family. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch with Manager Natalie to learn more!

Two-Week trial available for new starters!

 Email – stalbans@jigsaw-arts.co.uk Call / WhatsApp – 01727 789441