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What Makes the Perfect Summer Activity?


Half term breaks, Easter holidays, even Christmas. They’re merely sneak peeks of what comes at the end of the academic year: Summer. And with it, a plethora of Summer activities to choose from. But not every Summer activity is created equal!

While Summer holidays are precious to a child, parents might feel more ambivalent. With those six long weeks of freedom comes the pressure of filling them. And not just with any activity that gets the kids out of the house, but something worthwhile.

So what makes for the perfect Summer activity?
1) It’s different to school

Perhaps the most obvious criteria, but one that’s all too often overlooked!

Summer holidays and Summer activities aren’t about getting a head start on next year’s school work. Yes, there might be the odd reading list or two, but these can and should fit around extra-curricular activities.

Holidays are supposed to be a breather from the classroom. It’s a chance for children to try things out, challenge themselves and discover new interests and passions that balance and complement, rather than too closely resemble, their school work.

2) It’s active

Whether it’s in the classroom in front of a teacher, or on the sofa in front of the TV, children and teenagers spend most of their days and nights sat in place.

And what about those whose interests lie outside the few sports that are available in schools?

Setting up children for a healthy and happy life means finding something active that they actually enjoy early on, something they can take with them through their adult life.

3) It’s social

During term-time, children spend most of their time with people at their school and, within that, with those in their class.

But it’s a bigger community and a larger world out there, and they can make lifelong friends in the unlikeliest of places and ways.

The perfect summer activity brings together children who might have never met otherwise, expanding their social circle and helping them meet all sorts of new people and encounter new ideas.

4) It’s creative

We’ve written before about the value of creativity for children, and how every opportunity for them to be creative is precious. Summer is the perfect time to spark their imagination and embark on longer, more involved projects that aren’t possible in term-time.

5) It creates great memories

Whether they’ve produced something they can bring home to take pride of place on the fridge or mantelpiece, or appeared in photos that will stay in the family album for years to come, the perfect Summer activity has to be memorable. It should create great experiences that will stay with them for years to come.

6) It’s convenient for parents

Last but not least, the beleaguered parents! There are so many questions that goes through the mind when trying to choose the right Summer activity:

  • Is it local and convenient, or a grueling hour-long drive away?
  • Is it reasonably priced?
  • Will I have peace of mind when I see them off for the day, that they’re safe and doing something worthwhile?
  • Will I get to share in my child’s accomplishments and joys?

Finding something that matches all of these qualities is difficult, but well worth trying!

We’ve written before of the many benefits that the performing arts offer – using acting in everyday life, why to take singing lessons, and the importance of dance. Could a Jigsaw Summer holiday workshop be your perfect summer activity? 

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