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Potters Bar Parade was a great success for our students!

Franchisee Megan and her wonderful teaching team supported their students at the Potters Bar Parade!

We caught up with Megan to hear about the day at Potters Bar Parade!

“It felt surreal because I actually used to be part of the Potters Bar Parade as a Brownie Girl Guide! Now to have my business in the parade, with my students performing on a float, was a bit of a 360 moment. It was amazing actually.

15 students met me before the parade and we decorated our float. All of the students involved brought decorated Jigsaw puzzle pieces to bring to the carnival, using their creativity at home.

We rehearsed our chants and performance pieces while some of the team set up our stall. The stall had information about Jigsaw Arts as well as fun games. We loved doing spin the wheel and giving out Jigsaw themed prizes!

Jigsaw Potters Bar opened the Carnival with an upbeat dance and Jigsaw Barnet closed the performance arena. It was really, really good fun. The kids were absolutely buzzing. They were saying that it was their best performance and that they can’t wait to do it again!

It was nice, there was actually a real community feel. Some of our students wanted to help out at the stall, and it was really lovely to get to know some of the parents better. Since I have only recently took over as manager at Potters Bar! It’s always nice to build that relationship. I brought Jigsaw t-shirts for the mums to wear and they were happily wearing them and supporting us. They were even chanting too! And it was just really, really sweet.

It was great to meet more families that live in Potter Bar, and I can’t wait to be involved with more community performances. Roll on the next one!”

Megan and her wonderful teaching team at the Potters Bar Parade!

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