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Review: Mother Africa, The Peacock

Mother Africa The Peacock review

Mother Africa review

Last weekend, Jigsaw Crouch End student Otto had the opportunity to watch Mother Africa at The Peacock, London. Otto absolutely loved the show, and wrote this review for the Jigsaw Blog:

“Mother Africa is a fantastic show that I would recommend. It shows normal life in a South African township through dance instead of words. It had several different astonishing acts ranging from hat jugglers to body percussionists. The background told you whether it was in the most urban cities or the most rural areas.

The costumes were very colourful and blindingly bright. All the acts would have your jaw dropping in awe. Most of the acts were acrobatics or balancing but there were other acts such as riding ridiculous unicycles and juggling. My favourite act was a phenomenal, gravity defying acrobatic duo where one sat down and the other jumped on top of his legs to flip.

It’s an astonishingly amazing performance and if I was to give it a 4 and a half. It’s always fun going to the Peacock but this has to be one of my favourite times going. I would highly recommend this even though it is a bit confusing at the start.”

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