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Review: Puss In Boots, Jacksons Lane

Puss in Boots

(Above: 6-year-old Grace Thompson at Jacksons Lane for Puss In Boots)

After linking up with Jacksons Lane in our new scheme, Jigsaw Reviews, we provided Jigsaw Finchley student Grace Thompson with tickets to see Puss In Boots starring CBeebies’ Patrick Lynch.

Grace and her family absolutely loved the show, and she put together this fantastic review:

“The people at the theatre were lovely and we sat right at the back at the top and we could see everything. Me and my sisters and my Mum and Dad went and we all liked the show and we all had different favourite bits.

My favourite character was The Cat because he was funny and clever and he could talk and he saved his master. The cat costume the actor wore was great, he had a long tail and a hat with cat ears.

I really liked it when the actor dressed as the cat ate the rat because it looked real but I think it was clever acting. Also when he was in the water – not real water – that was funny. And there was a lovely flying bird that was just a strip of paper when it stopped.

The set was very creative and I thought it was very clever how it only changed a little bit but every scene could be imagined by just a few additions like flour and grains when they were in the mill and paper flower petals for the gardens and a really clever door that stood on its own, then sparkly glittery lights when the princess was there.

I think my friends would love it, especially my Jigsaw friends. I think my teacher and my Granny would love it too and I think Andy from Jigsaw would really love it!”

Puss In Boots is currently on a lengthy UK tour. Full tour dates are available via Lyngo Theatre’s website, and you can see listings for a wide array of shows aimed at families and younger audiences on the Jacksons Lane website.

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