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Review: Rapunzel, Chickenshed

As part of our Black Friday Giveaway, Billy from Jigsaw Crouch End won two tickets to see Rapunzel at Rayne Theatre, Chickenshed. Billy absolutely loved the show and put together this fantastic review for the Jigsaw Blog:

“We had a really good time. We got there early and had dinner there which was great.

My favourite character was Henry the young woodcutter because he was so clumsy and made me laugh as he kept falling into holes and bumping into things so it added humour to the show. My favourite moment was when Rapunzel was reunited with her family.  It was so moving. Mum liked the bit where the witch melted.

The set was fabulous and the smoke effects were really good and set the scene. They changed scenery without any interruptions.

My favourite costume was the cat’s one as he looked really cool.

Everyone was great and I liked that the show was inclusive and had actors in wheelchairs so that all could take part.

I had a really good time and would recommend my friends to go and see it as it was a great night.”

For more information or to book tickets, visit www.chickenshed.org.uk.