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Review: The Hogwallops, Jacksons Lane

The Hogwallops

(Above: Charlotte at Jacksons lane for The Hogwallops)

My Hogwalloping Night at the Circus

By Jigsaw Finchley student, Charlotte 

On the fifth of April, I went to see The Hogwallops with my Dad. The Hogwallops is a Lost In Translation Circus show about a family of misfits who love bananas.

There are five characters in the whole thing. I cannot decide who I liked the most as all of the characters are good at the circus skill they are best at, for example, Fredriko is amazing at juggling, at one point he was even juggling nine balls at once and Mavis’ trapeze skills are out of this world. My favourite part was when Mavis did a whole routine on a Zimmer frame that was hanging from the ceiling. It just goes to show how strong Zimmer frames are, doesn’t it? Oh, I forgot to mention that the trapeze at the beginning was the family’s washing line!

The set was amazing as almost all of the props were right in front of you but you had no idea what they could be used for. The box of flour was actually powdered chalk so that the young daughter and the father could dust their hands before performing amazing tricks and tumbles in the air. I love how the costume showed family status and was so simple. The only fault that I found in the whole hour was that the music was too loud.

I rate this show 5 stars and would definitely recommend it to friends but if someone I recommended it to was allergic to bananas then I would tell them that under NO circumstances should they see the show. Also, I would say to sit in the front row as there is lots of interaction there.

I had an amazing time at the theatre and it makes a big change to see a play as when I go to the theatre I usually see a musical.

The Hogwallops is on at Jacksons Lane until Sunday 10th April, before heading to the Harlow Playhouse. Click HERE to be redirected to the Jacksons lane website for further information and to book tickets.