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Review: The Snowman, The Peacock

The Snowman review

(Above: Lottie at The Peacock theatre for The Snowman)

Last week, we offered eight year-old Lottie from Jigsaw Crouch End two tickets to see The Snowman at The Peacock theatre, London. Lottie absolutely loved the show, and put together this fantastic review for the Jigsaw Blog:

“Going to the theatre is really fun! It was much better than watching it on TV and you get to eat sweets and ice cream.

My favourite character was the Blue Ballerina. I also liked the little boy, because he has to tell the Snowman what to do… like when he doesn’t want the Snowman to wake up his Mum and Dad, he has to tell him not to touch the duvet! It’s very funny.

My favourite bit was when they were flying and it actually looked like the Snowman was walking in the air. On the stage, the house was really cool with a bed, stairs, a fire and an actual door that opened.

The dancing banana costume was really cool because he even had sunglasses. My mum liked the penguins.

I will tell my friends “you should watch this because it’s cool and crazy”.”

There you have it… cool, crazy, and you get to eat sweets and ice cream! The Snowman is on at the Peacock Theatre until 1st January 2017. For more information or to book tickets, visit www.peacocktheatre.com.

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