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Running for a Cause – Shaun is taking on the London Marathon!

Running for a Cause: Jigsaw Performing Arts Hitchin and Sevenoaks Manager Shaun is taking on the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK!

As the manager of Jigsaw Arts Hitchin and Jigsaw Arts Sevenoaks, I believe in using our time, effort and skills not only to enrich the lives of children through performing arts but also to make a positive impact to the wider community. That’s why this year, I’m lacing up my running shoes and taking on the ultimate challenge – the London Marathon – all in support of Children with Cancer UK.

A Shared Commitment to Making a Difference

Just as we strive to empower children through creativity and self-expression at Jigsaw, Children with Cancer UK is dedicated to improving the lives of young cancer patients and their families. Through groundbreaking research, family support services, and raising awareness, they are leading the fight against childhood cancer.

Running for Hope, Running for Change

For myself, the decision to run the London Marathon for a cause was driven by a deep desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. With every stride taken on the marathon route as my legs are crumbling beneath me I will be pushing my physical limits but also raising vital funds and awareness for a cause that touches the hearts of many.

Bridging Passion with Purpose

The synergy between Jigsaw Performing Arts and Children with Cancer UK is undeniable. Both organisations are fueled by a passion for helping children thrive and overcome challenges, whether it’s on stage building confidence or in the face of illness. My aim will always be to help young people in whatever their challenge may be.

How You Can Support

As Shaun embarks on this incredible journey to run the London Marathon, we invite our Jigsaw community and beyond to rally behind them in support of Children with Cancer UK. Whether it’s through making a donation, spreading the word, or cheering Shaun on from the sidelines, every contribution – big or small – makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children battling cancer.

If you’d like to contribute to Shaun’s fundraising efforts or learn more about Children with Cancer UK, please visit


You can join Shaun at his Fundraising Gala on March 8th 2023 @ 7pm!