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Show them how much performing means to you!

Ahead of their certificate presentation, Amy sat down with some Group 3 students at Jigsaw Crouch End to find out what Jigsaw means to them..

Amy: You’ve all been coming to Jigsaw Crouch End for a really long time! Jasper – you’ve been here 13 years! But can you all remember your first day at Jigsaw?

Mia: My first day at Jigsaw, I came in and everyone was really welcoming and kind. I absolutely loved it and had so much fun. I made so many friends in my first year and I’ve been here for ages now!

Katie: My first day was nearly six years ago, so I’m really old now! I came in and Amy introduced me to the people in my group and made sure I made friends. Everyone wanted to be friends, so it was really nice.

Josie: I started in group 1 and I came in with a full-on leopard print outfit! Now I’m really embarrassed about it! Ha ha! But everyone made me feel really welcome.

Amy: Great! And what are your favourite memories of Jigsaw? A highlight? Maybe a show or a piece you’ve performed?

Koralie: My favourite piece was when I was in group 2. We were ready to go on stage and I was dressed in a black and gold costume. I was so scared but I knew that performing is my thing and I want to do this for the rest of my life!

Kasper: It was last year, we did a show called Finding Neverland and we were the lost boys!
Jasper: Donkeys years ago, we did a take on Little Shop of Horrors. We were plant busters and it was a really great adaptation. Lots of fun. I was called Robert! Great name!

Mia: I remember that show! I came to watch it -I was in the 5&6’s class at the time! My favourite show when I was six was a circus story. I was a clown who was sad and everyone helped me to feel happy again. My Dad fully sprayed my hair and I had face paint! I don’t think anyone can beat that!

Sofia: The time travel show last year was my favourite – the characters and the acting scenes were really good.

Katie: 4 years ago we did a rock show with lots of Queen songs. We were wearing shiny costumes and I ripped a hole in the knee of my costume doing a knee slide!

Amy: You were fully committed!

Katie: It was worth it!

Amy: As group 3’s, what do you think you can do for younger Jigsaw students to pass on the Jigsaw ethos and spirit?

Eddie: Confidence! We can show them how to be confident.

Klea: Show them not to be afraid! You might be nervous for your first Jigsaw performance, but we can show them that we support each other. Even if you make a mistake- it doesn’t matter!

Katie: Show them how much you love performing and what it means to you! Always be kind and applaud the younger students when they do well- they are really brilliant! Smile and be a nice person to everyone.

Kasper: Confidence. I’ve made so many friends, I was shy before, but I’ve built my personality here. Even if you don’t want to go into an acting career, it’s great.

Mia: I’d say have fun! Try everything!

Koralie: I feel that, if drama is a passion, you need to express it and when you are around people who love it too, you can. Even if you haven’t had the best week. Jigsaw is all about expressing yourself.

Amy: Amazing. You are all brilliant! Amy interviewed Jasper (13 years at Jigsaw) Koralie (9 years at Jigsaw) Klea (8 years at Jigsaw) Katie (6 years at Jigsaw) Mia (6 years at Jigsaw) Eddie (5 years at Jigsaw) Kasper (5 years at Jigsaw) Sofia (5 years at Jigsaw) Josie (4 years at Jigsaw)