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Spotlight on Jigsaw Harrow student Theo

Jigsaw Performing Arts Theo Grant

Theo is one of our very talented Jigsaw Harrow students who is also a part of the Jigsaw agency and has had a lot of recent success with auditions. Theo started Jigsaw at the age of 8 and has now been attending for almost 6 years. He joined because his parents realised that at a young age Theo loved to sing and dance and so they wanted to get him involved in the Performing Arts as soon as possible. Here is an interview with Theo to get an insight into his last filming experience and what it is that he loves most about Jigsaw!

1. What’s you favourite subject at Jigsaw?

I love dancing especially break dancing moves and cutting shapes!!

2. What’s the best thing about Jigsaw?

Snack time!! Only joking! I love learning new songs, dances and drama!

3. What’s your ambition for the future?

I would love to be James Bond and play football too!!

4. Who inspires you?

Michael Jackson & Usher plus my Mum and Dad.

5. What has been your favourite moment at Jigsaw?

 Joining the agency was AWESOME!!

6. Who is your favourite actor/actress?  Why?

My favourite actor is Will Smith because he started so young in the Fresh Prince.

7. Do you have a favourite song?

Let’s Get Married remix – Jagged Edge


8. What have you been filming for recently?

 I filmed an advert for a charity for ex-service-men and -women.

9. Where did you film?

Primrose Hill, London

10. What was your favourite part of the filming process?

 Throwing and catching the Frisbee and meeting my actor Dad! He was hilarious!

11. What advice would you give to other children going to auditions?

Stay calm and just be yourself!

12. Anything else you want to let us know about your experience?

 I’ve had a great experience so far with auditions and being on set. I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to have been in 2 short films and an ad. I wonder what’s next!

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