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Spotlight on… Jo Messina


Performing arts school manager Jo

Jo has been working for Jigsaw since 2000 and she currently manages three weekend schools. Jo has 16 years experience of working with children. She has completed special needs and child protection training and loves to combine her childcare experience with her passion for the performing arts.

Here we ask Jo a few questions about herself and life as a Jigsaw manager…

Where are you from?


Which Jigsaw schools do you and have you worked in?

Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Finchley and soon to be Edmonton in September 2014.

What’s your background?

I specialise in early years child care.

What did you do before Jigsaw?

As well as training in early years’ education, I also trained as both a hairdresser and a chef. I loved both of these!

What’s your greatest career achievement?

There isn’t one specific achievement that stands out to me, more so the variety of work that I have done and the enjoyment that I have gained through it.

What do you enjoy the most at Jigsaw?

My biggest enjoyment is the children and watching their progress.

What has been your favourite moment at Jigsaw?

My favourite moments are at the end of the year when the children receive their awards. It’s great to see the children that have attended for years receive credit for this.

What’s your favourite show?

Miss Saigon is my favourite musical of all time. I don’t have a favourite Jigsaw show as I enjoy the variety!

What would be the most rewarding role for you to play?

I would love to be Rizzo in Grease.

Who is your favourite actor/actress and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite actor because he is so versatile.

Do you have a favourite song?

“There are Worse Things I Could Do”, the song that Rizzo sings in Grease.

If you had a film of your life who would play you?

Someone very confident. I think I’d choose Glenn Close who plays ‘Cruella De Vil’ in ‘101 Dalmations’.

Anything else you think we should know about you?

Just that I’ve got a very tough shell but I’m a softy underneath!

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