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Spotlight on Performing Arts Teacher Meg Blowey

Performing Arts teacher Meg Blowey

Meg Blowey is one of our wonderful Performing Arts teachers from Jigsaw Harrow and Jigsaw Hendon but, like many of our Jigsaw teachers, Meg is also an actress. This week we discuss her take on the performing arts and what inspired her to take to the stage.

What are you working on this term at Jigsaw Harrow?

At the moment we are exploring dance, drama and singing through an ‘Under The Sea theme’. Having a theme really helps to engage the imagination of the group and gives us a focus for the term.

What do you think are the benefits of the performing arts?

The benefits of performing arts are endless, no matter your age or level of ability! The performing arts give us an increase in confidence, help with communication skills, improves our focus and brings us a sense of joy too!

As a Performing Arts teacher what do you hope to inspire in your young students?

Firstly, I would love to leave students with a sense of confidence, secondly a lifelong passion to continue with the performing arts I think, as I believe it to be so beneficial for our wellbeing. 

What is the thing you most enjoy about teaching this age group?

I love the imagination of the 3-4s, they have an incredible perspective on life and come up with ideas I never could have thought of! I love their energy and enthusiasm too!

As well as being a teacher for Jigsaw you are also an actor. What first inspired you to act?

I was a very shy child and acting gave me a chance to come out of my shell. I studied drama at college and then went on to study at East 15 to allow me to pursue acting professionally.

Can you tell us a little bit about the show you are in at the moment?

I start rehearsals for Robinson Crusoe in a couple of weeks’ time, which is a pantomime touring the Essex area and surrounds. It’s going to be fun (and loads of hard work) but I’m very excited!

What would your advice be to a young person who is keen to join a drama, dance or singing class but doesn’t know where to start?

I would to say to just go for it! Attending a new class can be scary but stepping out of your comfort zone will be well worthwhile. Find your local Jigsaw School! Jigsaw schools are all run by professional performers, but everyone is really friendly, and it is a place where every single student is valued for their unique contribution.

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