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Barnet Student Spotlight on Niamh – 11 years at Jigsaw!


Barnet Student Niamh has been attending Jigsaw Performing Arts for 11 years!

Barnet Student Niamh is a dedicated Jigsaw student! Along with many other commitments outside of school… She still manages to make time every Saturday afternoon for Jigsaw Barnet. Alongside taking part in singing, dance, drama performing arts classes at Jigsaw Barnet, another hobby of Niamh’s is football, so most Saturday afternoons at Jigsaw she has just returned from a game!

“We have seen such a remarkable journey with Niamh, she has blossomed in confidence and is a great performer! She has made so many friends at Jigsaw Barnet, and welcomes new friends when new students join. I’m so excited to see where her Performing Arts journey takes her. Niamh is our longest standing student at Jigsaw Barnet. 11 years! From being Niamh’s teacher, to now a manager, overseeing her Jigsaw journey, it’s been so lovely. She is shining. Well done Niamh!”

– Megan, Jigsaw Barnet Owner and Manager

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