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Summer Time Fun with Performing Arts in Cardiff

Summer Time Fun? For many parents, the prospects of the 6 weeks school holiday can prove pretty daunting! Most children thrive when they have a predictable structure and routine. The freedom of the summer holidays can be both freeing and overwhelming.

Here are 3 tips to help you embrace the summer!

  • Create your own routine – children tend to love chores! Now this can be both a blessing and a curse as I often need to re doo my children’s attempt at helping around the house. However, it’s important for them to feel a sense of achievement and responsibility for their environment.

  • Make a list – sit with them on their first day and make a list of free/cheap things that they would like to do over the 6 weeks. These could include a play date with a friend, swimming in the sea, climbing a mountain, seeing a waterfall, going on the train etc.

  • Consider a summer camp/or activity club. At Jigsaw Cardiff, we always run a week long summer camp in Howells school the 2nd week of the summer holidays. For me as a mum, this breaks the holidays into 2 sections – the week before summer school and the time after it.

        If your child has a particular interested in something, why not see if there are any summer holiday workshop classes running to keep them entertained and give you some much needed head space.

        Interested in Jigsaw Summer Time Fun? To find out more about our performing arts summer camp for children aged 3-16, click here.