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Sutton Stars at Jigsaw Arts

That’s a wrap, on a fabulous video shoot at Jigsaw Arts Sutton!


Later this year, we are launching our established new website, which we are really excited about! The main page will welcome you with a video featuring our students, teachers, franchisees and head office team. Representing our Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools, giving you an insight of our classes, and why Jigsaw is ‘A Place to Belong’.

To capture the true nature of our performing arts schools, we organised a number of video shoots at different Jigsaw Arts venues. Within each video shoot stood the same goal, to gather a library of natural footage of our students having fun in their classes, and to learn more about Jigsaw Arts through interviews with our students and teachers. Our social media manager, and ex Jigsaw student Aoife, begun production last November and will edit the collected footage together for the final video later this year.



Social Media Manager Aoife and Sound Designer Emma (left) with Jigsaw Arts Sutton students and teaching team (right).


We caught up with Aoife to hear about the recent video shoot at Jigsaw Sutton

“The Video Shoot was lots of fun! Excitement and enthusiasm beamed from every student. It was lovely to see everyone having fun and working so well with one another, with attention and passion, spreading Jigsaw joy throughout the day. Before we began filming, the fantastic teachers at Jigsaw Sutton led the entire Main School through a physical dance warm up, a fun vocal warm up, helping the students gain energy and focus for the busy afternoon ahead. I popped into each class to film and speak to some of the students, gathering gorgeous clips to put together for the final video.

Warmly supported by Franchisee Michael and the wonderful Emma (manager at Jigsaw Arts Sutton), they really helped the day run smoothly! Thank you for working alongside our filming schedule, and for helping us create an enjoyable atmosphere for both the teaching team and the students at Jigsaw Sutton.” – Aoife, Jigsaw Arts Social Media Manager.


What was the most memorable moment of the day while filming at Jigsaw Sutton?

“Towards the end of the day, we were filming with a few students from group 3 when suddenly a beautifully powerful sound of the words ‘I’m still standing’ bursted from a few doors down. Very intrigued, I had to investigate. I entered the singing room and walked into an EPIC moment! The rest of the group 3 students at Jigsaw Sutton were gathered round one another air guitar-ing and rocking out. Nikki, our founder company director, insisted that the group perform the routine again, and I was SO happy that they were more than happy to do so! It was seriously uplifting. This wasn’t planned, and often these moments are the best!”


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