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Interactive Play at Jigsaw, how does it benefit our Little Ones?

The Benefits of Interactive Play


Some parents may wonder why we introduce Interactive Play into our Performing Arts classes…

Along with Singing, Drama and Dance, we include interactive games and activities into our Performing Arts classes, bespoke and adapted to suit each child, to introduce our students to beneficial skills that can be used every day.


interactive games activities little ones drama

Our Little Ones during an Interactive Activity


Expanding Imaginations

Most of the interactive games and activities that we present to our students encourage them to explore their imaginations. Our teachers introduce our Little Ones to interesting scenarios, such as riding on a magic carpet, hosting a tea party in space, or visiting the jungle with friends. Acting out and exploring imaginative scenarios is beneficial for young children as it increases creativity and happiness.


interactive games activities little ones

Our Little Ones during an Interactive Game


Interactive Play Is An Adventure 

One of our favourite interactive activities to play with our Little Ones is creating and acting out an adventurous story together. Our teachers use techniques of ‘Incidental Learning’ during the activity by asking lots of questions, ensuring that every child is involved and having fun.

For example, while going on ‘A Beach Adventure’ the teacher would ask the class “What should we wear to the beach today?” and our students usually reply “Shorts,” “A t-shirt,” “Sandals and sunglasses!”. The teacher would then praise their decision making, with a comment, “good idea!” and then introduce a dilemma “What if it rains at the beach?” the students think of a solution and reply “Let’s bring a jacket just in case.” or “Never mind, we can sing and dance in the rain!”.

Throughout the interactive activity, our Little Ones share unique answers and each idea creates an interesting addition to the story’s narrative. This is an opportunity for our students to invent a story, perform, and explore problem solving in a creative way.


interactive games activities little ones drama

Our Little Ones during an Interactive Activity


Friendships and Teamwork

When children play together, they are introduced to the idea of collaborating and sharing ideas with new personalities. Our interactive games and activities often involve the entire class working together, which helps establish the importance of teamwork.

Creating new friendships and working together at a young age comes with many benefits, such as,

– Learning to be sensitive to the views of others

– Understanding sharing and taking turns

 – Improves listening and co-operation


interactive games activities little ones

Our Little Ones explore working together


It is a joy to create an environment where children can interactively play, perform and freely be themselves, all in one place.

These activities and games can be explored at home too! Ask your Performing Arts teacher which interactive games and activities your child enjoys most at Jigsaw and experience the beneficial joy that interactive play can bring.