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The Working Mum

the working mum

Jigsaw founder Nicola describes how she balances work and family as a working mum. 

Having completed the kids’ morning routine – up, wash, dress, breakfast, teeth, shoes, shoes, SHOES!!…. you know the drill, mums – I walk my boys to school and then continue on to my office. This is one of the positives of running your own business as a working mum. You get to decide your own schedule that fits in with your family. I don’t pick them up from school every day but I always make all of the important school events, Christmas plays, sports days and sometimes accompany my children on the school trips.

Having it all? We hear that a lot! It’s not easy and I believe probably not possible as you have to make compromises. However, working for myself means I can decide what I am willing to compromise on and what is really important. That might be different for all of us, but at least when you are in control of your own work schedule you can decide what those compromises are.

I love going to work and have been lucky enough to be doing something I really enjoy for 20 years. Combining my love of performing arts, children and business has given me many happy years at work. Now that we are offering franchise opportunities at Jigsaw, I am excited to be supporting others to set up their own business and help them create a successful work/life balance. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of putting the franchise network systems in place over the last couple of years. It has been extra work but, again, I was able to decide when the right time was for my family to put the extra hours in at work.

It’s not the easy option, running your own business, as you have to take full responsibility for what you are doing. And if you don’t put the work in nobody else will. You have to lead from the front and enjoy working hard. It can be consuming and there are times when I take it home with me. And likewise I come to work with worries about my kids. “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child” is one of my friend’s philosophies. It’s true. At the end of the day, my boys are the most important thing in my life. Fortunately having Jigsaw, a business I love where I am can be the boss of my own schedule, allows me to be there for my children when I need to be and still enjoy a successful working life.

If you have a love of performing arts and children and would like a rewarding and successful business, maybe a Jigsaw franchise could work for you? Find out more about Jigsaw franchises