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Jigsaw Review: The Worst Witch, Vaudeville Theatre

Jigsaw student The Worst Witch review

Recently on the Jigsaw blog, we ran a competition to win tickets to The Worst Witch on stage!

We can now unveil the winning entry:

If I was a witch my favourite spell would be,
I’ll make my cat disappear to have adventures climbing trees,
Sneaking up on the neighbour’s dog that’s always teasing him,So in this game of hide and seek my cat would always win.
I’d have a special magic word to bring him safely home,
I better say it properly or else he’ll turn into a garden gnome!

By Trinity, age 7, Jigsaw Sevenoaks.

Trinity and her family won tickets to watch The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre in London! We asked Trinity what she thought of the show.


The Worst Witch Review

What did you enjoy most about the show?

Everything. I especially liked the acrobatics they did with the broomsticks.

Who was your favourite character?

All of them but especially Mildred. I love Mildred because she’s really funny. I think she is a really good best friend for Maud. Ethel is a brilliant character too!

Were there any special effects?

There’s some broomstick flying and a few other magical surprises so I’m not going to give any spoilers!

Do you think watching the show has inspired you for when you are taking part in your Jigsaw lessons?

Yes. It has made me want to learn to act, sing and dance as well as the cast of The Worst Witch.

How long have you been attending Jigsaw?

4 years. I just got my 4 year award recently.

Which of your lessons do you like best?

Dance and drama – I can’t decide. Actually singing too. I really can’t decide. I like dance because I love dancing and it helps strengthen my muscles because I have juvenile arthritis. I like drama because I’m good at acting. And I like singing because I like to learn new songs.

Do you think attending Jigsaw has helped you in other ways?

My mum says it has helped my confidence so I’ve got better at making new friends instead of feeling shy.


‘The Worst Witch’ is playing at the Vaudeville Theatre until 8th September 2019. Remember to use our code and save £10! Details here

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