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Things to look forward to in 2022!

2022 is upon us and we want to focus on all the exciting things that we have to look forward to! It’s very easy to think about all those New years resolutions (Some of which I’m sure have been forgotten about already or is it just me?!) or getting caught up in all the things we haven’t been able to do over the last couple of years. Lets look at all the exciting things that we do have coming our way in the future and hopefully you’ll find something in this list that takes your fancy. If so, do let us know and of course just like us we hope you’ll be feeling super positive about number 5!

Keep your fingers tightly crossed for…

1) World Cup 2022! It’s set to take place in Quatar in November/December 2022. Can England bring football home?

2) Queens Platinum Jubilee This takes place on the first week of June and there will be a live concert held at Buckingham Palace and stunning light displays! Don’t we all enjoy an extra bank holiday?

3) A New Bond? Marking the 60th year of Bond we have a new spy…

Idris Elba (Luther), Tom Hardy (Venom), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Rege-Jean Page (Bridgerton) are just some of the top contenders. Did you know that Rege attended Jigsaw Performing Arts? We have everything crossed that it’s him!

4) The Winter Olympics! Due to take place this February in China! Get set to follow the ski jump, bob sleighing and figure skating!

5) Making new memories at Jigsaw Arts!
We asked Jigsaw Manager Alex what she loves most about Jigsaw and she says “I think the Performing Arts mean so much more to children than just singing, dance and drama. Jigsaw is a place for children to feel safe whilst exploring who they are” and we couldn’t agree more. Let 2022 be the year to meet new friends, recognise your potential and to have so much fun just because we want to!

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