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Top 10 things to do on a rainy day!

Top 10 rainy day activities

Top 10 things to do on a rainy day!

It’s a rainy day, wet and miserable outside and the kids are grizzling about the house complaining that they are bored and have nothing to do.

Don’t worry – help is at hand.

Here are 10 boredom-busting rainy day indoor activities for kids.

1. Pizza party

Lay out pizza bases (pitta bread makes an easy pizza base too) plus lots of ingredients and ask your kids and their friends to decorate them. Once they’ve finished, pop them in the oven and lay a rug or picnic blanket down with some paper plates and cups. Children will love devouring their home-made creations and eating with their fingers.

2. Board games

Dig out the old board games and have some good old traditional fun. Or find a deck of cards and teach the kids some family card games.

3. Theatre afternoon

Get the kids to put on a show. They can make up their own story, raid the dressing-up box for costumes, make tickets for the audience and then let the show begin!

4. Rainy day walks

Who says you need sunshine to enjoy a good walk? Get the wellies and brollies out and have a fun splashy walk in the rain. Jump in the biggest puddles you can find!

5. Cook up a storm

Put your pinnies on and get baking. Make fairy cakes or gingerbread men, traybakes or muffins.

The best thing is, you get to eat all the goodies later on.

6. Making and decorating cress heads

Get some dried-out egg shells and let your child use pens to create funny faces on the surface. Fill the shells with damp cotton wool and cress seeds and pop them on a sunny window-sill. Over the next few days watch their crazy cress hair start to grow!

7. Keep a ‘buddy diary’

Get your child to choose their favourite buddy (this could be anything from a special doll or transformer figure to a teddy or comfort blanket) and ask them to make a diary of their adventures together. You can fill the diary with photographs of your child with their buddy, stories, tickets of places they’ve been together, plus any other holiday memorabilia. It’s a lovely activity for imaginative children and you can add something new to it each day.

8. What floats?

Fill the washing-up bowl or sink with water and ask your child to gather a series of objects to test if they float or sink. You can make the exercise fun by drawing a chart listing the objects with yes/no written at the top – your child has to guess in advance whether the object will float and if they guess correctly, they receive a tick.

9. Wrapping paper

If your child has a birthday party coming up, get them to design some wrapping paper for their special friend. This can involve paints, crayons, pens or lots of craft materials to create something with a real wow factor.

10. Photography days

Turn the kids into mini photographers for the afternoon. Try to get them thinking creatively by asking them to choose a theme or perhaps tell a story through their pictures. Print out the photos and put in a scrapbook as a reminder of their day.

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