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Top Five Reasons to Take to the Stage

take to the stage

Nothing quite beats a night at the theatre. With so many great shows out there this season, there’s no better time to get stuck in to the performing arts than now. Here are our top five reasons to take to the stage:

5. You can make a difference

Theatre challenges, questions and inspires. What better reason to take to the stage than to want to make a difference? Theatre can be a powerful tool used to communicate an important message.

4. You can dance like nobody’s watching (even if they are!)

Every performer loves to take to the stage for a final number. Theatre is a brilliant way to boost confidence and self-esteem in children and adults alike, and dance is probably one of the most expressive elements of performance.

3. The play’s the thing

Who wouldn’t want to deliver unforgettable text and perform in timeless classics? From William Shakespeare to Arthur Miller, there have been so many different and wonderful playwrights over the years, each with their own strengths and style. The theatre is a never-ending playground, and being able to be able to deliver lines from some of history’s greatest lyricists is something worth celebrating.

2. You can be whoever you want to be

The theatre boasts a never-ending array of characters to play; characters that make us laugh and cry, holler and jeer, and every time you get a new script, you get the opportunity to explore an exciting new character. What could possibly be better than that?

1. We love it

We just can’t get enough of it! From the roar of the audience to the smell of the greasepaint, there is nothing else in the world like the theatre and we love it.

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