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Where are they now? A note from Nicola

where are they now

Founder, Nicola Lander, shares with us her greatest joy of running Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools. Read our previous Where are they now? blog posts here: part one, part two, and part three

Where are they now? 

Tahra Powell, ex Jigsaw Crouch End student, is sat in the office next door to me working away to keep all the classes running smoothly and has now been doing this for 4 years. Tahra has always been hard working, organised and very tidy so Tahra and I were always very in sync during our days at Jigsaw Youth Theatre Company. She was the natural choice to come and support us in the office. I love listening to Tahra on the phone to new customers as she knows first hand what it means to attend Jigsaw and what the children can expect to get form their classes. You won’t find a more authentic salesman!

Tahra is a constant reminder of the extended Jigsaw family and community. Being a part of so many young peoples lives and watching them blossom into adults with exciting careers and adventures is the most important part of running Jigsaw for me. Some go on to have careers within the Arts and others choose completely different paths, but they’re all just as inspiring.

Many of our ex Jigsaw students stay in touch and are still great friends years after they attended Jigsaw together. I went to Catriona’s wedding earlier this year and it was so lovely to spend time with her and her Jigsaw friends on her big day.

Our 20th Anniversary this year has meant that it was a great time to catch up with many of our ex students. They are still the same as they were back at Jigsaw as the core of their personalities hasn’t changed but they have gone on to lead interesting lives and have made great choices for their futures.

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