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Why Choose Drama As A GSCE?

Jigsaw Ilford Manager Megan Sheds Light On The Subject


Making the decision, should you choose GCSE Drama?


“It’s that time of year when students across the country are making the very difficult decision of choosing the subjects that they would like to study further as part of their GCSE examinations. As a Drama teacher in a large academy, every year I am faced with the task of promoting my subject and encouraging students to take Drama as a GCSE.


Lots of people believe that if you choose to take drama as a GCSE, you are wanting to work within the Performing Arts industry. However, in most cases, students take GCSE Drama to improve their confidence or public speaking skills as they want to work in an industry where they need this experience.”


Drama as a subject offers a number of transferable skills and all of these skills will be needed whether it be in a person’s chosen career or personal life.


Some of these include:

· Confidence

· Team work

· Problem solving

· Leadership

· Negotiation

· Commitment

· Resilience

· Public speaking

· Empathy

· Creativity


“When advising and supporting my students with choosing their GCSE subjects, I always mention what Drama will be like in comparison to other subjects. For example, with English, Maths, History or French, we know that these subjects will mainly involve sitting at a desk for the majority of the lesson. So, I get them to think of their week at school and being able to have a lesson where they can communicate with others and use a space practically. Some students may wish for the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way.


Over the GCSE Drama course, students develop their theoretical knowledge and put it into practice in their performance work. Standing up in front of peers can be very daunting but doing this along with completing a performance exam is a highly successful achievement, one that all GCSE students should be proud of. The course can be demanding, as not only does it require students to develop and perform Drama, they are also required to understand the context behind Drama. Students must also evaluate and analyse their own work and the work of others. Nevertheless, taking GCSE Drama can be a very rewarding experience.


GCSE Drama is a fun course and can offer you the opportunity to take part in performances, visit live theatre and be able to create your own original Drama. These are definitely things to consider when making the very tough decision of what subjects to choose.


The one thing I can guarantee is that you will remember your GCSE Drama days later in life and you may suddenly realise how it helped you develop as an individual.”



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