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Why do you like coming to Jigsaw?

Why do you like coming to Jigsaw?

While filming our latest video about the benefits of dance, we took the opportunity to catch up with some students to ask them a few questions about Jigsaw! 


What’s your favourite subject (dance, drama or singing) at Jigsaw and why?

Violet – I really like all of them, but dance is my favourite one.

Mona – Dancing, because it makes you feel happy and I can always learn new things.

Lena – Singing because that’s how I express myself and I’m really good at it.

Sadie – Drama, because we do lots of acting.


What’s your favourite thing you’ve done at Jigsaw, whether it’s a song, dance routine, a show?

Violet – We did a show called ‘Glooberry Mansion’, we were all the ghosts. Scary and friendly ghosts.

Lena – The songs ‘Live While We’re Young’ or ‘Thinking Out Loud’

Sadie – When we did Annie.


Why do you like coming to Jigsaw?

Violet – Because it’s really fun and exciting and you make new friends.

Mona – I can learn new things and make new friends.

Lena – I have lots of friends here and I enjoy myself.

Sadie – Because it’s fun and entertaining.

Ella – It’s just fun!

Calan – It’s a really fun opportunity.


What do you want to do when you’re older?

Violet – I want to be a Jigsaw teacher as well… or a pirate. A nice pirate.

Mona – I want to be an actor, a funny actor.

Lena – I want to be a singer – rock, pop or smooth.

Sadie – A vet. I love dogs and cats.

Ella – To be an actor or a stage director, anything to do with theatre.


Whatever a child wants to get out of their classes – whether it’s to lay the foundation for a career in the performing arts, to express themselves, to make friends, to have fun – there’s always a place to belong at Jigsaw! 

Watch our new video about the benefits of learning dance: 



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