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Young Jigsaw Students Land Exciting Screen Roles

Jigsaw students on screen

An impressive start to 2017

We’re only halfway through February and already this year children from Jigsaw’s agency, Jigsaw Arts Management, have enjoyed great success on screen.

Noah Burnett from Jigsaw Croydon was successful in what was his very first audition and he is only just in the process of joining the agency. Jigsaw Croydon manager, Alex, had faith in Noah, and after sending his details over to Katie who runs the agency, Noah now finds himself filming with a major broadcaster. More details to follow…

Meanwhile, Selena Smyth from Jigsaw Watford, who is only four years old, is filming the role of Jade in the short film Plurally in March for the Norwich University of the Arts. Selena is the youngest member of the agency and it was only her second audition… her first was just a few days before.

Katie, who runs the Jigsaw Agency, said “It’s really impressive that both Noah and Selena have been chosen for these exciting filming projects! Not only is it a great experience to be in front of the camera but it’s a fantastic credit for their Spotlight CV and will hopefully lead to more opportunities. I’m very proud of them both!”

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