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A Fantastic Spring Term at Jigsaw Stevenage Complete!

Last term at Jigsaw Stevenage, Shannen took over as the new manager and was delighted with the success of their Presentation Term.


A Presentation Term at Jigsaw takes place once a year. At the End of the Term, an audience of Jigsaw family and friends are invited to come along and watch the students take part in an informal class demonstration. Led by their teacher, the students take part in various interactive warm-ups, showcasing the many skills that they have learnt over the term. The students also perform several polished pieces that they have been focusing on over the course of the term, including a song, a drama piece and a dance. 



Jigsaw Students Rehearsing For A Performance.


“What an incredible first term we had at Jigsaw Stevenage! I am so grateful to have taken on a school that truly feels like a Jigsaw family, where every student and staff member have found their place to belong! I feel very privileged to be the manager here. 


Our Spring Term was a ‘Presentation Term’ and every child at Jigsaw Stevenage worked so hard throughout the term to push themselves to reach their own personal goals.


The 3-4yrs class had the theme ‘Animals’ for their Presentation. Every student performed with confidence, showing off some funny impressions to the parents during their warm-ups and impressing everyone with their various groovy animal dance moves!


Our 5-6yrs class had the theme ‘Superheroes’ for their presentation. This class had shown such growth over the term, they were super focused on their teacher, Ella and some students even sang a solo during their wonderful Superhero song!


The Main School Presentation had a mix of interesting themes for each discipline to showcase; from Musical Theatre to dances through the years! Every child demonstrated their progress and despite there being a technical problem with the music during one piece, the children and audience all started singing along to help the children finish their performance– what a supportive Jigsaw family we have here at Jigsaw Stevenage!” Shannen, Manager of Jigsaw Stevenage


Jigsaw Stevenage runs every Saturday morning at Barnwell Upper School in Stevenage and due to popular demand, a brand new 5-6 class is starting for the Summer Term. Exciting! 


Summer School at Jigsaw Stevenage will be running Monday 22nd to Friday 26th August.


For more information, email Shannen, stevenage@jigsaw-arts.co.uk 


FB: @JigsawStevenage

IG: @jigsaw_stevenage

Telephone No: 01438 518336

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