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We have years of experience in creating a professional, inspiring, yet safe and welcoming environment for Jigsaw classes. One of the key elements in running an exciting school is finding the right teachers. We interview a lot of candidates so that we can find the best possible teachers for our classes. A Jigsaw teacher is somebody with a lot of energy, a real passion for performing and someone who loves working with children.

Most of our teachers work or have worked in the performing arts industry. We aim to have a range of professional performers and teachers in each of our schools. Some of our teachers dedicate 100% of their time to teaching and provide a consistent environment for the students’ learning. Some of our teachers are still performing so are around for a short time and then take off on tour with a west end production. These teachers keep the school fresh and up to date with all the latest choreography, techniques and ideas inspired by the current performing arts industry. It’s important that we provide children with an equal balance of the two to ensure that they gain the most out of their Jigsaw classes.

Whoever the teacher, we can certainly guarantee that at the heart of everything we do, is the individual child’s development. The children all have their own reasons and goals when they come to Jigsaw and we have to make sure we are meeting their needs. Whether the child wants to work towards a professional career in performing or they want to build confidence in other areas of their life, both are equally important to us.

We run teacher training sessions every term in central London which is compulsory for new teachers to attend and existing teachers come along now and then to brush up their skills. This ensures that our teachers are following the same structure when delivering their classes and therefore we keep our standards equally high across all of our schools.

Classes are also regularly inspected by Jigsaw head office management team to make sure standards remain high throughout the entire year.

All teachers have a DBS check.