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Bring a Parent Day at Jigsaw Bexleyheath

Jigsaw Bexleyheath parents and carers joined in with the fun for bring a parent day!


Alex, the Manager and owner, tells us more about the day.


“In the three weeks leading up to the end of term at Jigsaw Bexleyheath, we invited our lovely parents into the classroom for one of our favourite days in the Jigsaw calendar, Bring a Parent Day.


Usually when parents and carers arrive at Jigsaw, it’s either to drop off their children or to watch a show or presentation and see the fantastic work their children have done over the course of the term. However, for Bring a Parent Day, our parents get to participate alongside their children in a shortened version of their usual Jigsaw classes. This is a fun way for our parents to experience what a Jigsaw class is actually like for themselves while supporting and engaging all the activities that their children participate in every week.




Jigsaw Bexleyheath parents and carers getting stuck into the class.


Every child, from our youngest 3 year olds to our oldest students at 16, gets to participate alongside their Mum/Dad/Granny/Uncle or any willing adult they know and invariably the day leads to lots of laughs and fun for all involved.


Over the past few years we have had fewer opportunities to invite our Jigsaw families into the classroom so it was lovely to see all our fabulous parents back at Jigsaw giving singing, dance and drama their all alongside their amazing children.


For Jigsaw Bexleyheath Manager Alex, it’s the highlight of technique term and she can’t wait for the next one!”