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Meet Shaun! New owner of Jigsaw Performing Arts School Sevenoaks!

Jigsaw Performing Arts teacher Shaun

Shaun became the new owner of Jigsaw Sevenoaks back in March this year. He was raring to go and couldn’t wait to meet all the students at the school. Here he is, six months later and still bursting with excitement, very ready to inspire all the young people at the school. We thought you’d like to know a bit about him before he arrives on the first day of term in September.


What sparked your interest in the performing arts?

When I was a young boy, it gave me an outlet and a chance to express myself in ways I haven’t done before. The escapism when performing or watching a performance is a massive thing for me as well

What drew you to Jigsaw?

Potentially getting the opportunity to inspire young people. I feel all arts are massively important for a child’s confidence, mental health and well-being and I thought Jigsaw was the best chance and platform for me to be able to do this

SingingDance or Drama… what’s your favourite?

I have to say drama, if anyone could see me dance or hear me sing then they would also agree. Although I can occasionally bust out a Michael Jackson dance or two!

What will your Jigsaw school bring to Sevenoaks?

The most important thing for me, is for the school to become part of the local sevenoaks community and build up strong bonds with people and businesses within the area. Building this bond gives people confidence in what we offer and reassurance to parents that may be sending their child to this sort of activity for the first time.

What does it feel like to be owning and running Jigsaw Sevenoaks and what can we expect in the future?

It still doesn’t feel real yet but I am raring to go. The first day back in September will probably be quite emotional for me. We can expect amazing, confident and happy students, the most engaging and fun staff inspiring our students. Most importantly I want us to feel like a family and that every single person there is there to belong.

What do you hope to inspire in the young people who attend the school?

I want our students to have a friend in every single person in the class, I want them to be confident and to not be worried what others may think. Most of all, I want our students to be happy and feel like they are ‘Jigsaw’s Family’. When I was at school, I had the odd teacher that helped and inspired me to be better than I was and it helped me more than anything and shaped my life today. This is what I want for our students.


The new term at Jigsaw Sevenoaks starts on Saturday 26th September at The Knole Academy. If you want to give it a go book in for a two week trial now, available for all new students. Contact Shaun by emailing sevenoaks@jigsaw-arts.co.uk or call 01732 386053.