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Summer School Review From Jigsaw Student Mason!

A Jigsaw Arts Summer School offers a week long of theatrical fun for students aged 3-18. For our Jigsaw students missing the Jigsaw Joy and new students who are interested in the world of the performing arts, it is a great way to learn new skills, build confidence and make new friends!

Jigsaw Chelmsford hosted their annual summer school at the Hampton’s leisure centre. It was a week full of performing arts fun, open to all Jigsaw students and new students in the community. The students work towards devising, rehearsing and then performing a show to friends and family at the end of the week. 

We interviewed Jigsaw Chelmsford student Mason, who is also a member of our Jigsaw Arts Agency, to give us his take on what it’s like to attend a Jigsaw Summer School. 

Mason has been attending Jigsaw Chelmsford’s Summer Schools since they first opened. He has plenty of experience with what it’s like to attend!

Can you describe what a Jigsaw Summer School is?

“Really fun and a place where you learn singing, dance and drama. If you like performing arts you should definitely come to the summer school, I love it!”

Who did you play in the show? And what did you like about your character? 

“I played Bert, and I liked the way he acted. He was very enthusiastic. I like his accent too.”

What was your favourite part of summer school?

“Learning the dances, songs and acting as Bert. I liked the dance to ‘Let’s go fly a kite’.”

What was your best memory from the week? 

“People congratulated me at the end for how well I did.”

If you could describe summer school in 3 words what would it be?

Fun, Fantastic, AMAZING!”


The show at the end of the week was brilliant. It is amazing how much can be achieved in just one week! Congratulations to all the staff and students involved in creating the fantastic show.

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