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Technique Term at Jigsaw Arts Explained

What is a Technique Term at Jigsaw Arts?


A year at Jigsaw Arts is split into three terms. Technique Term, Presentation Term and Show Term. Our Technique Term allows our Students to solely focus on exploring their abilities in each subject, step out of their comfort zone, and gain confidence in new areas of The Performing Arts. 


During a Technique Term at Jigsaw, our Teachers introduce new styles of Dance, Drama and Singing to each of their classes. We have many reasons to believe in the benefits of learning new skills each week without the demand of a performance at the end of the Term. While some Students choose to work on growing their confidence during this Term, others spend their time perfecting newly learnt skills or having fun and creating memories with friends.


Our Technique Term has strengthened friendships and teamwork within our classes as well as given our Students a taste of new techniques to try in each subject. We take pride in creating a positive and relaxed environment for our Students to try new things and be themselves! 




At the end of a Technique Term, Parents are given a written report on their Child’s progress. Our reports are a great way to communicate the Student’s development with their Parents and explain the different skills that they worked on during the Term. 



Each week our Teachers take note of their students’ progress for their end of Term reports.


Student reports can be very valuable, a proud moment to highlight the achievements reached this Term or a tool to reflect on future goals and improvements. At Jigsaw, we inspire our Students with positive feedback and gentle constructive encouragement to help them reach their goals and this is reflected in our reports.  


If your Jigsaw School is on a Technique Term and you have any questions about our report system, or perhaps you want to learn more about the different techniques that your Child will be working on this Term, speak to your Manager directly and they will gladly have a friendly chat with you!