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Students that are 7-8, 9-11 and 12+ years old attend a three-hour session comprising an hour of drama, an hour of singing and an hour of dance, each with a specialist coach. Jigsaw Arts provides training in all three disciplines in order to create a well-rounded performer. To establish an environment that builds confidence, regardless of individual ability, students are divided into appropriate age bands. All students will be challenged to their full potential. The three age groups rotate between the three disciplines.

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Students are given a practical understanding of stagecraft, as well as developing improvisation, voice and acting techniques. In addition, they will be encouraged to find the truth in their acting, enabling them to deliver more believable performances. Script work and poetry will also form an integral part of their training. Drama is a great way to build confidence and social skills through teamwork.

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Students learn a jazz dance technique – the basis for all dance. Our aim is to improve each student’s core stability, flexibility, co-ordination, posture and dance vocabulary. Jazz, street dance and musical theatre all feature in the variety of styles which students will perform.

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Vocal training is utilised to develop each individual’s voice to its fullest potential. Students work on breathing, rhythm, projection, pitch and musical interpretation, to improve confidence and range. A wide variety of musical genres are enjoyed, including modern, pop and musical theatre.

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  • I have been at Jigsaw for the best part of my life and it’s really changed me. It kindled my interest in all things dance drama and singing and taught me how to be more confident and professional. I will really miss something that’s been a very big part of my life since I was tiny and I will miss everyone involved so much.

    Osnat Katz
    Jigsaw Hendon Graduate

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  • She absolutely adores Jigsaw and is non-stop smiling all the way to and from every session.
    She used to get such terrible stage fright which Jigsaw has helped her with immensely. It gives her a fun, safe encouraging space to express herself.
    She has big dreams of being an actress now.
    So all of this is down to you and your amazing Crouch End team. So thank you!

    Kelly Hornsey
    Jigsaw Crouch End Parent

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