The Jigsaw Blog

My First Jigsaw Experience

27 March 2019

New Jigsaw Head Office recruit Martin describes his very first Jigsaw experience, following Jigsaw Crouch End's 12-18 year olds through their morning of dance, singing and drama.

Why is Dance Important?

12 March 2019

Why is dance important? There are a multitude of reasons as to why children should take part in dance. This month Jigsaw Bexleyheath dance teacher Isabelle Capper, discusses the joy of movement, transferable skills and how this wonderful subject can help build confidence.

Jigsaw Bexleyheath: 10 Students and 80 Years Collective Experience

06 March 2019

This week we put the spotlight on Jigsaw Bexleyheath. Managed by Kate Cohen, this school's popular Sunday classes have grown! So what's the secret? We took an inside look to find out what makes this particular school unique and why the students return year on year.

Are Singing Lessons Worth it?

19 March 2019

Are singing lessons really worth it? We certainly think so! From physical, psychological to neurological benefits, Alex Wharram is here to tell you that there's a lot more to singing than simply making a lot of noise!

Jigsaw Comes to Plumstead!

08 March 2019

"Jigsaw Plumstead will bring a performing arts school for the community!" says Jigsaw Franchisee Hannah Potter. We can't wait!